Who the heck are ya, anyways?

Hello! I’d like to keep this post short and sweet — I’ve never been a fan of small talk, or the icebreaking introductions, and I’ve always found starting a site / social network to be a daunting task. I guess that’s part of what made me dread officially starting my own blog.

So let’s get this dreaded, obligatory introduction post out of the way! My name is Ray, I’m in my 20’s, and I work in the theatre industry. I’m primarily a dramaturg, though I’ve dabbled in directing, running crew (wardrobe), stage management, and acting. A scholar at heart, I love to pick apart the media that I consume, and share both my thoughts and love for the industries I work in tandem with.

I plan to use this blog to talk about a multitude of media. This will include theatre (from an audience view point), or from a dramaturgical stance regarding plays I am not currently working on, video games (as I complete challenges or experiment with new titles), films (again, typically from a dramaturgical standpoint, and simply in reviews, or in challenges I partake over on letterboxd, and other media I consume. I can also say that there will be occasional posts about the “hobby of the month”, as I like to joke, as I dabble in other (physical / visual) art forms. And as my interest in the arts constantly overlaps with my activism, you’re bound to see heavy commentary parallel with my trans rights activism, mental health activism, general lgbt activism, and anti-racism primarily regarding latinxs in media.

I’m currently studying for my paralegal certification, and looking towards law school, so I look to freewriting and blogging as my escapism and levity in a world of serious, heavy reading.

I welcome you to embark on this journey with me, and feel free to pick up a challenge or two to complete alongside me! Let’s make magic happen!

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