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My name is Ray! I’m a recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre, concentrating in dramaturgy and performing arts administration. I’m currently studying for my paralegal certification in preparation for my applications to law school.

Aside from my education, I’m an avid supporter of the arts: theatre, primarily, but I’m passionate about film, and video games, as well as comics / music / web content / crafts. My interests tend to focus on lgbt (emphasis on g + t) media, and courtroom fiction.

My favorite movie is Inside Llewyn Davis, my favorite television show is Bojack Horseman, my favorite video game is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, my favorite novel is The Picture of Dorian Gray, my favorite musical is School of Rock, and my favorite play is Angels in America.

On this blog, you’ll find posts discussing media, mental health, gay / trans activism, my hobby of the month, and other on-goings in my life. For more about my theatre – creator life, feel free to check out my other website, http://www.raycoughlin.com/

Alternatively, if you’d like to support me and/or the blog, feel free to buy me a ko-fi!